Technical Support and Training

Experienced Consultants With Years Of Experience

We are experienced consultants who have years of experience in dealing with the operational and management challenges that manufacturers face. Consequently we are painfully aware of how important access to really knowledgeable technical training and business support is when adopting any new application. We ensure that employees are thoroughly trained on the system but much more importantly that they are truly engaged in utilizing ALD to achieve continuous improvement in their areas of responsibility.

Years of manufacturing experience has taught us that employee engagement is key to success. This is why we built ALD around the needs of managers and operators, taking into account their level of technical capability and workload so that operating ALD is never a burden but a driver of continuous improvement. Advanced LeanDriver is a highly adaptable and intuitive operations management platform. It is designed specifically for those who have management and operational responsibility within manufacturing companies.

We appreciate that the people who will need to operate ADL are not technical people and may have no knowledge of using systems like ALD. This is why we have made ALD very simple to use and ensured that the technical support and training we provide is comprehensive and manned by manufacturing experts who can provide both technical and manufacturing operations expertise.

During the project with MPL, we achieved a group record efficiency performance and have sustained these high levels. I found MPL's style to be very much in tune with that of my team. I believe MPL have equipped us with a 'toolkit' that is truly ours and which we will sustain into the future.

Paul Notarangelo
Site Manager, Bellshill Dairy

Our technical and training support service is:

Available Monday to Friday, 8am - 6pm

Manned by manufacturing experts who speak in plain non technical English

We don't just fix things if they go wrong, we are happy to provide expert advice on how best to tackle manufacturing issues so that you get the most out of ALD.

We provide a wide and flexible range of training and support services that can be adapted to your specific needs.
Serviced range form an as needed technical support helpline to major operational performance improvement consultancy programmes that would be offered by our sister company MPL (

Whatever your needs we can provide a comprehensive and cost effective training, business and technical support solution that ensures that your ADL operations management platform is always operating effectively and driving operational performance improvement.